Monday, August 6, 2012

My Wife's Book

After a great deal of effort and discouragement and a lot of other things about two people living together who both write, my wife Tamara has consented to having her book published through Lulu.  This came from a decision we both made back in December, when we talked about how we were both writing, but neither of us had published a book.  I agreed that we would tackle our problems one at a time, or rather one book at a time.  I don't think it will surprise anyone, that we started with one of her books first.

Because she hasn't had experience as a journalist, and she's never published anything before, she needed a lot of help to get her book off the ground.  In effect, I became her editor, and that is where the arguments began.  However, I think we are both happy now, because she has her first book, and it is now available for sale.  I've even been able to convince her to start her own blog, which can be read here.

Tamara isn't as hard and tough as I am, as she has a different outlook on many things.  But I think she's as good a writer as I am, as I don't think details like punctuation or spelling necessarily make a bad writer.  Anyone can learn to spell ... it takes an artist to create literature.  So I am really happy for her, and that is why on my sidebar there's going to be a perpetual link to her book and to her website.

If you could have a look - we haven't been able to create a page yet to give an excerpt of the book, but that is coming soon.  Her book is called Poor Michael, and it is erotic and romantic fiction, with elements of alternative lifestyles ... that means its kinky.

It can be purchased here.

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