Friday, April 27, 2012

Comments on the Online Campaign

I wondered how many people reading this blog also have a glance at the other one representing the Online Campaign.  One of the players there said he tried to get a friend to read along, but that the blog-posts were hard to follow for someone who wasn't actually playing.  I had hoped when I started the campaign that it might show off something of my dungeon mastering style, and therefore lend credibility to the arrogant, intolerant positions I tend to take on this blog about D&D and how it ought to be played.  I wonder if that worked.

I've also heard it said that non-players of the campaign have nowhere to voice their opinions.  If you could, voice them here.  Don't feel they have to be positive opinions - I'm not opposed to criticism, so long as its positive and not directed in a personal manner.


Carl said...

Hi Alexis,

I follow your online campaign.

This fight with the Kobolds has gone on for long, long time. Personally, I prefer my fights to take the Hobbesian form: nasty, brutish and short.

The key to following your online game, for me, is to read the comments from the previous day. I can't follow along in real time due to my limited attention span brought on by my nemesis, The Employer.

I do enjoy following along, but I wish the Kobold slaughter would wrap up.


Alexis said...

It goes a long time for no one more than me, particularly setting up the images for online.

But the party decided in their sandbox to take part in the mass combat, and a mass combat they get. If they like it, they'll volunteer for another war, and if not, they'll stay far away.

All wars go on too long.

Imon Fyre said...

The post by post combat, at least for mass combat, is intriguing, as there is a lot going on, not just one big scary evil thing or a handful or 2 of Humanoids/beasts/creatures encountered in a cave/the wilds. As tedious and long as this portion of you campaign is, I think it adds wonderfully to what is going on. If you did not do it this way, we would be a lot of pages of comments into this part with the kobalds, and it would get even more confusing than it could potentially be.

The other parts that do not involve combat, the actual role playing parts, bring an interesting part to is, as getting to the end of a section of comments, and wondering what actions might happen next, keep me on the edge of my seat. You almost have a serial/soap opera going on.

Keep up the good work Alexis and crew.

Arduin said...

I follow along every few days, since I feel like a weeks worth of posts read better than trying to recheck every few hours.

It looks like a good time, and I remain very appreciative of the round-to-round maps. It really adds a lovely extra touch.

SJ said...

I've been reading your campaign since the crab battle and have gone into the archives to catch up on the story of Andrej.

I greatly enjoy the breadth and depth of the story.