Friday, March 2, 2012

On Editions

Is there anyone left in the blogosphere still unclear on the fact that I don't play 1e, or any other edition of D&D?

I thought people could read.


bob said...

That much is clear, but brings me to a somewhat related question if I may.

I have followed your online campaign with much interest and occasionally desire points of clarification regarding events that transpire, characters, or rulings.

I would never ask that spoilers be revealed; but wonder if there is a proper place to post such queries when I cannot contain my curiosity.

The one that comes to mind at present is regarding the (possibly baby-eating) archbishop. If the status indicates a minimum level requirement of 12, how is that amount of experience theoretically attained? I assume at some point in their career they move beyond the need to deal and receive hitpoint damage regularly, but will still need to gain experience paralell to their advancement in rank. Would this normally happen via acquisition of wealth?

It saddens me to see that your online campaign appears to be going through a rough patch, especially with the loss of some very memorable players/characters. I truly hope that this does not discourage you from running via the online format. Had I the time, access to the core books, and the opportunity to earn your respect - I would have tried my very best to secure a position in the game.

Alexis said...

You can post your questions on any post of this blog that points to or draws attention to the online campaign, which I do from time to time.

If it should happen that the Bishop leads an army or force of some kind against an enemy, and gains a share of the loot from that enemy, it follows that share will be sizable. Remember that my world happens only two years after the end of the 30 years war; the opportunity for the Prince-Bishop to oversee some massive campaign in the defense or attack of a Spanish city around Liege, for instance, which the Prince-Bishop is in authority over, that is one hell of an opportunity for treasure, no?

You may be unfamiliar with this post, which I put up nearly three years ago to describe the individual's collection of experience some time ago. It is only a guideline, but I think it is relevant here.

The Prince-Bishop here, Ferdinand of Bavaria, is 73 years old.

Darok said...

Let me preface this: I'm assuming you got a question about what edition you play.

To be fair though, Alexis, in those terms NONE of us play a specific edition. We all have our own customized version that we roll with, even if only accidentally ("what do you mean nat 20s æren't crits in 1st ed????").

I mean, my friends and I claim to play 2nd ed adnd, but it would definitely require a night of explanation for another 2nd ed player to grok our play in entirety.

On those rare ocassions when you pull out a book to consult a rule, what edition does it tend to be?