Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Cathedral as Dungeon

Just for fun, I've been putting together this map of the actual Sankt Paulus Cathedral in Munster, Westphalia, Germany.  The image above has it superimposed over a hex map, the hexes having a 5' foot diameter.  Sadly, because the Cathedral was bombed during World War II, I had to consider that changes that were made since 1650 (my world's existence) as accepted for the campaign's use.  I've also made a few other changes to make it more 'game-worthy.'

For perspective, you can find a tiny dot to the left of the Altar Isle in the right center of the Nave.  This is the size of an actual person.

Grey lines are stairs.  Yellow blocks indicate windows emplaced into the stone.  Two thin lines indicate doors.  The central blue space amid the cemetery is a pond.  Green spaces are outdoors.

Incidentally, this is the church used for this part of the online campaign.


Lukas said...

It looks gorgeous even only in 2d. And having one of my college art reports being on St. Pauls, I know it's probably amazingly beautiful inside.

Of coarse, that doesn't take into account all the little oddball places they have on the other floors as well. Maintenance access, spaces left open after construction and the like.

Church construction really is quite interesting when all is said and done.

Alexis Smolensk said...

I could not find any information on the second floor, even from the German wikipedia article translated into English (which had a lot of info). I presume there is one, but if its to be added, I'll have to invent it.

The basement floors, obviously, need not have anything to do with the real world.

jedavis said...

I always pick up a floormap when I visit a cathedral, for just this purpose. Haven't had call to use any of them just yet, though.