Friday, May 27, 2011

A Nice Jump

At least one person can't imagine why I'd write a screed like the one I did yesterday.  To be specific, I was told to "Use my head."  Well, consider this:

That rather sharp spike on the right of the chart, that's yesterday's post.  A post that not only drove more than 300 page views to yesterday's "childish" post, but another sixty into my back catalog as well.  And while yes, people get offended and ruffled and they go away, many, many more people come and read and stay.  They tend not to be as vocal, but they laugh at the rhetoric and they don't take me quite so seriously.

Part of the agenda I have with this blog is to stir up shit.  I realize that a segment of my readers would like me to be prim and proper and "close to" genius all the time, but people get numb to near-genius work day after day.  People need to be shaken, to be forced out of their stupor and to be made to question their premises.  After all, if I am as smart as I obviously am, as proven by the back posts that are still worth reading months and years later, then maybe when I screech and howl I might just have a point worth considering.

In fact, I have been told countless times now since starting this blog by players that they have reimagined their worlds based on both my hard, diligent work and my occasional freakish rants.  It is the combination of both that drives the energy and passion of this blog.  I am no doddering university professor, humbly droning out data.  I am a burning, screaming prophet, occasionally covering himself in gasoline and striking the match.

Oh sure, someone is always going to hate it.  Someone is always going to reach out to me and plead for a steady, calm approach to everything.  Someone will ask if I've taken my meds and someone will call me pretentious.  Those are the expected responses.  I don't think I'm pretentious because I don't consider my efforts as a DM to be all pretense.  I actually AM capable and creative.  And I have never taken medication, and I have never done recreational drugs of any kind.  For two accidents in my life I have taken codeine and percocet ... for a few weeks each.  That's as drugged as I've ever been.  I don't even smoke tobacco.

A calm approach to everything strikes me as a dull, tepid sort of life.  And I am not concerned about people hating me.  Poor Jovial who stamped off the blog yesterday has no idea how long - or how deep - my personal convictions run about things he's written or things he's done.  He's only grafting onto me whatever he needs to believe.

For my part, I'll go back to writing D&D posts that impress and dull people.  And in a few weeks, when I feel my hand twitching for a match, I'll light myself on fire again.

It won't hurt my ratings any.


DRANCE said...

Humble as always, Alexis! ;-) I appreciate those with a fire in the belly, and you are one of those types. You are not some dusty academic, satisfied to sit back and rest on laurels. I may disagree with your delivery, but I have to respect your creativity and imagination. You may go to a depth that I personally don't see as being "fun" when it comes to the hobby. I would not enjoy myself at the gaming table if, for example, someone was using the highly-detailed "wilderness damage" rules you put forth in recent posts. But if you love that stuff, more gaming happiness to you!

I think some readers take issue when someone self-proclaims being a genius, or a prophet. I think many people have knee-jerk reactions to those who make such claims. You have to expect such reactions, and it seems that you are used to it by now. At least, it appears that you are unphased by the sometimes harsh criticisms laid at your virtual feet.

Game on, my friend!

DRANCE said...

Also, regarding how many readers visit your blog: ever notice how traffic slows to a crawl when there's an accident on the road? People are very prone to seeking more information on stressful situations. Call it an evolutionary adaptation that makes us curious about strife, so that we know what danger may be lurking.

My point is that perhaps many of those readers come here not to read your content and learn great gaming wisdom. Perhaps some of them are here just to see the spectacle. They are just here to see what you will rant about next. So they are just coming for the "sizzle" of the abuse you sometimes dish out, and not for the "steak" of useful gaming theory.

Just putting that thought out there.

Alexis said...

Is that an old argument, or what?

Go, right now Drance, and pick up a book about P.T. Barnum. Go. Get educated.

Sully said...

Alexis, I have been enjoying this blog of yours for awhile, for the simple reason that more often than not, you write things that cause me to actually stop and think. Challenging my assumptions and all that. Keep up the good work, as I enjoy the mental exercise.

ckutalik said...

As the Great Showman said, “if I shoot at the sun I may hit a star.”

I probably account for at least seven of those hits myself. I want to see how much shit you managed to disturb.

One of the problems with the daily blogging routine--only fed by the circular nature of the blogosphere--is that it is very easy to get stuck in talking about things in accepted frames. Witness how the old school thing has been reduced to an often unexplained acronym (OSR).

Things need to be kicked over just from time to time just to move us somewhere--otherwise we end up with a stagnant pool.

ckutalik said...

But on the other hand, why heap abuse on people like Jovial? He seemed like an unlikely target in a pool with such "target richness".

Anonymous said...

Keep on rockin' the free world, Alexis. They'll either figure it out for themselves, continue to provide a convenient straight-man or eventually go away. Judging by the popularity of the site, I suspect not a whole lot of the former.

DRANCE said...

Is that an old argument, or what?


remanns said...

Deas Sir. - - -
- dude.
I enjoyed that "No, I'm Not Kidding" post,...more than I can quickly express.
A grade !

I will post snip[pets of it on c u r r e n t at THIS GROUP -

. . . .and link to your BLOG of demigods !
Tooooooooo funny. ( I suppose that just means that I agree,....go figure.

IIf this irritates you in any way,...I will modify it or trashcan the sucker POST HASTE.

p.s really glad I ran into this blog of yours !
best to you
re manns

Oddbit said...

Dear Sir,

I can easily understand the idea of kicking things up. I wish I were as ballsy. I am not. I think your rants are great, and when I'm not interested I skip through, maybe return later when I have more attention available.

Critics will be critics. People will always have something negative to say once you get enough attention. Admittedly I am very fond of some of the work that gets totally trashed. Though I have not found the Demigods post as hilarious as some.

I think the personality and energy that are put into the posts are key, and will probably watch your new blog with interest to see what comes of the change in style.

I think only positive things have come to me from reading this blog, so I'm really glad I ran into it. Best to you sir.

SupernalClarity said...

I'll be honest, Alexis, I still don't get you. But if going on these rants every once in a while actually does make a difference for you and your readership, I suppose I'm not one to argue against them.

Your self-stated capability and creativity are apparent enough that, even if I can't always see the point in your methods, I definitely appreciate the fruits of your madness.

Keep up the good work, I suppose, even if it means I'll have to keep reading those tirades.