Saturday, February 19, 2011


Looking for a way to demonstrate my combat system in a way that would capture people's attention, I hit upon the idea of this post.  Rather that babbling out a description of the system, I'm going to try something a little more 'hands on.'

To begin with, allow me to present a visual situation:

The gentle reader will take note that there seem to be five individuals in the well lit-portion of the map, centering on the bright yellow light that is over the center person's right shoulder (that's her torch).  It will also be noticed that to the left and to the right, there are some nasties designated 'Goblin' 1 through 10.  But let's ignore them.

Below are the five characters, simplified down to the pertinent details needed for combat:

These characters have been created using my own ideosyncracies.  The larger number of hit points for the fighter and the cleric are a result of their mass.  Englund the bard, despite being human, rolled a 1 on his mass roll.  Everyone has the maximum possible hit points from their class.

In the situation above, the party has not been surprised and they have won initiative.  The goblins are running, so they are moving towards the party at a speed of six hexes per round.  Therefore, whatever the party does for the first round of their action, before they are able to move again, the goblins will be six hexes closer.  They are, for all intents and purposes, charging.

Soon after I post this, I will be adding five polls to the right side of the blog, above the followers list.  You may vote on the polls to indicate what each member of the party will do this round.  I'm setting to polls to close on Friday night ... and on the weekend, probably on Sunday, I will sit down and have everyone move.  If there are any ties, I will judge the best action myself.  I will then show the updated map, the updated characters (if needed) and set up new polls for the second round.

A few things.  You might want to check out these pages on the Same Universe wiki, especially the combat actions table.  Additional rules I haven't written out yet include the fact that spells taking one round to cast do not take effect until the beginning of the following round.  Oh, and crossbows can be kept partly taut, so that it takes only one expended round to finish the loading process.

I may have forgotten something, but I'll add it in this space as soon as someone points it out.