Monday, December 13, 2010

Wiki, December 13, 2010

Confession time.

I spent virtually the entire week working on maps.  I was in the mood.  Vegetation maps for those which I've already posted, and a lot of time hammering out my Italy map, which I am happy with despite the fact that 20-mile hexes are awfully general for a country with Italy's terrain variability.  Sorry, no, won't be posting Italy for a week or two ... there are still details to be added.

As a result, the wiki is shy some any new tables, and shy any new monster information.  To be honest, those tables I've added so far were those that were easy to bring up to a publishable state.  But there will be more in the future, added as I steadily upgrade them.  There's no rush for me ... I said I was on a four-year plan.

In the meantime, I have a list for what I've added this last week.  First of all, because it's easy, three more cities tables - the second half of the Lesser States of the Holy Roman Empire (aren't you impressed with how many there are?) - which I had to break into a separate image because of size - along with Hungary and Ulthua.  Hungary in 1650 is a narrow buffer state between the Holy Roman Empire and the Ottoman Turks; you can find the provinces listed on the cities table on the Carpathians map.

Ulthua is my name for the land of the Elves, which occupies northern Finland, Karelia and the Kola Peninsula.  The map for the area is B 02 - Lapland, to which I've added a vegetation map (scroll down the page).  I've also added a vegetation map to B 01 - Lofoten.  I'll be adding further vegetation maps as I continue the process of labelling the maps themselves (I did a lot of that this last weekend with the Lapland map, as well as adding mountains to it. ... it is a slow process).

Finally - and its a shame this is all - I've added maps for the Don Basin, the North Caspian and for Kirghizia (western Kazakhstan).  I will continue to have additional maps to post each week for quite some time.

Finally, I should like to encourage others to step forward and offer material to appear on the wiki.  At no time was it intended to be for my contribution alone.  There's a great deal I have little talent for: floor plans, artwork, more tables, creatively new monsters, even adventures and modules that you don't mind delivering to the reading public for free.  Be brave and contact me at


Anonymous said...

For my part, Alexis, I plan on at least doubling my contributions to the wiki this week. Yes, where there was once one submission there will be at least two.

Oddbit said...

I considered trying to become a contributor, then realized all my recent works are completely unrelated to DnD. Thus I might be able to dig up a couple of my works (I have the worst filing system ever) but that that is likely not what you are looking for in a contributor.