Thursday, September 16, 2010

Launching T +15

I've been quoted a tentative start date of November 16, 2010 for the launch of this database I proposed  15 days ago.  That is by no means written in stone ... at best you might say its scrawled in sand, and not that high above the tide.  But things are moving pretty fast.

I think it needs to be pointed out that most everything I've been a part of that mattered began with someone saying, "we should do this" and getting an answer, "yeah!"  It is really the answer that matters.  I could sit here bitching and moaning all day and if I don't get an answer, nothing happens.  The rant fades into the past and I go on posting maps, tables and further opinions.

I much appreciate the answers.  I want more.  I don't want anyone to feel that they've been left out of this process.  Yes, I did make the argument that quality must be the principal consideration - but in my experience quality has the potential to come from every corner, and not just my own.

I have been an editor, twice before, and I have been responsible for viewing, editing and printing other people's work, and that often being their first paid-for published work in a magazine.  That, I can tell you, is a great feeling, to give a writer his or her first cheque.  Now, I know I don't have any of the credentials that have been thrown at me lately - I haven't won any awards, I don't have three million hits monthly on my site and I'm not making money at this.  My blog has been what it has been.  Not a business, but a calling.  I don't measure its success by the number of viewers I have or by the number of viewers I stroke.  I measure its success by the amount of material I can get on it that I'm proud of.

So here's what I suggest.  I'm going to be looking material initially along the lines of this template.  For any launch that is to occur, I won't be interested initially in anything about rules or different ways of playing.  That is something that can be gotten to once we get the thing off the ground.  The primary focus has to be getting worlds other than mine on the database.

DON'T send me reams of material.  I will look at whatever you have, written in the template above (any of the six topics, not necessarily all of them), but DON'T write me more than 1,000 words.  Make it interesting and be brief whenever possible.  If I find myself nodding off after three paragraphs I'm not going to read any more.  The first presentation isn't what's important.  Just write me enough to get me interested.  If I like it, we'll talk about you writing more and getting it on the database.  But first write me a query.

Send it to

Feel free to use attachments, and please concentrate on how your world is different from other worlds.  Please remember that if you use an existing published template, such as the World of Greyhawk, we will only be able to publish embellishments of that world, and not pre-existing images.

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Dave said...

I'm intrigued by any world that includes a "Principate of Ruthenia!"