Saturday, January 23, 2010


Thirty years I've been asked about the bo stick.

And the jo stick.

And the lochaber axe.

You tube needs more weapons.

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Clovis Cithog said...

looks like the spear still maintains the title of best weapon for one on one combat in open spaces

from edgar rice burroughs

“I did not need a manual of Martian etiquette to know what reply to make, for, in fact, I was so wild with anger that I could scarcely refrain from drawing my pistol and shooting him down for the brute that he was; but he stood waiting with drawn long-sword, and my only choice was to draw my own and meet him in a fair fight with his choice of weapons or a lesser one. This latter alternative is always permissible; therefore, I could have used my short-sword, my hatchet, my dagger or my fists had I wished, and been entirely within my rights, but I could not use firearms or a spear while he held only his long-sword.” (Princess of Mars, XIV, p.78)