Saturday, June 6, 2009


Two weeks ago I posted pictures of my Player's Handbook and DM's Guide. I mentioned my 30-year old die, and regretted that I had not had a picture taken of it.

Here it is:

This proved harder than you'd think. Ever tried to take a picture of a white die on a dismally dark day, when the die has no contrasting features whatsoever?


Anshelm Helbelinc said...

It's held up remarkably well! I still have three or four of the old Dragon Dice laying around, with corners so crumbled they're nigh useless.

ESR said...

What? You didn't use crayon to make the numbers a contrasting colour?

Alexis said...

I did. And I did, and I did, and I did. Dozens of times. Until the grooves for the numbers grew so shallow that they wouldn't hold wax for more than a few days. Then it was a kind of sharpie pen that was available in the 90s ... and then that wouldn't work, cause the grooves grew so shallow the grease from your fingers would rub it out.