Friday, May 1, 2009

Campaign: Approached

Delfig and Tiberius are working near each other, bringing paving stones to a cart which has been provided by Helmunt, and which is driven by Udo (whom they will remember was a guide in service to Helmunt), when three men of the Town Watch approach, led by Helmunt. “Yes, that’s him, there,” says Helmunt. “The one with the lyre on his back.”

One of the guard approaches. “You are Delfig Kôlhupfer?”


Anonymous said...

I slowly straighten and nod. "Ja, I am." I'll wait to see what happens.

(Good luck, Tiberius. LOL)

Alexis said...

"We have been sent to find you. You are the man, yes, who aided Herr Hornung at the end?"

Anonymous said...

"Yes, I am. What is it that I may do for you?"

Alexis said...

Said as a command: "Please come with us."

(OOC: Would Tiberius be wanting to speak up?)

Tiberius said...

(OOC: Sorry, I was busy with work.)

Tiberius wipes the sweat from his brow and walks over to the men grouped near Delfig.

"What's this all about, Delfig?"

Anonymous said...

I put down whatever rock I was carrying and nod to the guards. "Ja, I will come."

To Tiberius: "I do not know. It apparently has to do with when I was near Hornung last night."

I will go with the guards.

Alexis said...

Having made no suggestion that Tiberius is "with you," the guards take you away, alone.

You're led through the streets towards the Merchant's Quarter; you find there has been little damage is this section, towards the southeast. There are many fine houses - the guards treat you quite well, and it is evident that this will not be a bad thing. Eventually they come to a house, a 3 story stone house, attached to a 20' diameter tower that stands 40' high, surrounded by a wide, comfortable garden. The gate is twisted ironwork - a gatekeeper, on duty, appears to have been waiting for you. "Is this Herr Kolhupfer?"

He's told you are, and you're brought into the house.

(OOC: I know its not much for the day, but I'll add another post soon)

Anonymous said...

(Nope, as I recall, I was told to do what I was going to do, and let the other guys do as they were going to do, so I figured that will apply until you tell me to make decisions for someone. I expected that he might not come with, given Tiberius seemed busy OOC.)

I will take a look around, noting any particular symbols or interesting features that might indicate something about Herr Hornung. I will remain standing or sitting as bidden.

(Have a good weekend if you don't get another post in.)

Tiberius said...

(OOC: Yeah, I'm extremely busy with work right now. Sorry I can't post more.)

Tiberius will continue to labor with Udo at the town square.