Monday, July 14, 2008

Sources Table

This is the link to my Sources file [dead link], that I posted a portion of on Sunday. It seems to work.

However, you will need Vista to see it. I had been working in XL, but I moved to Vista about a year ago and, after some months of trial and annoyance, in which I needed to go into the system and turn off every FUCKING automatic feature, I now find myself quite comfortable with it. Mostly, for the excel file in question, I'm not limited in my number of columns to about three hundred. I now have three thousand at my disposal...and instead of 64,000 crummy rows, I have more than a million.

So yes, I like Vista.

I would post a file readable by XL, but I can no longer duplicate the file into XL.

If you can see the file, you may notice that there are some blocks which are oddly colored for apparently no reason. These are notes to myself. This is only the first step of the next program, which is to take all the references noted on the Sources table and apply them to the "Prices" table. That is, the table which automatically generates the prices of all the goods in question, providing the players with the equipment list, the only part of this process they ever see.

All of the numbers are references in the 1952 Colliers Encyclopedia I use for this. My back posts explain why (I'm too lazy to link it here, it was only a couple of weeks ago).

The file is not complete. Nor will it be complete any time soon. Great Britain, the Low Countries, Iberia, most of Africa, Ocean and the entire New World has not been added (though there are a few random references from other entries I've read...such as a country saying it imports timber from America). This makes it difficult for someone to "steal" it and publish it for themselves. Obviously, I would be hiring a lawyer if that were to happen.


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