Friday, June 8, 2018

Authentic RPG Podcast, with JB

Introducing another episode of my first series of podcasts, with JB from the B/X Blackrazor blog.  JB has been blogging for nine years and playing just about as long as I have.  I get more viewers from his sight than from any other site on the web, 'cept straight from google.  He's an ardent supporter, a regular reader and commenter and in this podcast he does most of the talking.

Please raise a glass to JB's efforts, enjoy the podcast and take a moment or two to consider whether or not you'd like to get involved with my second season of podcasts, which I'll be explaining in about two weeks, when I publish my last podcast of the first season.

I'm sorry that these have gotten further and further apart.  I think with my personal style, I'm comfortable with putting out a podcast when it is done, and not when a schedule dictates.  I guess I'm just too much of a Bohemian to respect schedules.


Ozymandias said...

Loving every second of it.

It's odd, however: JB is the first guest who sounds how I imagined he would...

Fuzzy Skinner said...

JB brings up some excellent points. At my age, I'm still waiting for my ten-year campaign; here's hoping that the potential game I'm assembling has a little momentum. I'm definitely looking forward to the last episode of the season, and where the second season might be going.

You talk about how your views on (and experiences of) the game might change as you get older. It's definitely interesting reading how the play styles of the original creators and contributors evolved over time, and a lot of that content has been preserved (through forums and blogs). True, they were older when they started, but it's still interesting to see how they gamed - or continue to game - in their sixties and seventies. And since they haven't been a part of "Corporate D&D" for years, they're still a good source for where people from the old days have taken their games.

(Heh, now I want a T-shirt with "Corporate D&D Still Sucks" printed on it.)

JB said...

Ha! Just finished listening to this: that JB fella sure goes on and on, doesn’t he? What a blowhard!
; )’s not terrible. Hopefully, folks find it interesting. It was certainly a fun talk...thanks for letting me participate.

Alexis Smolensk said...

JB, you're supposed to praise me for making you sound human. I don't mind the effort, not really ... and I'm sure the three years I spend in service to Ba'alzebub will be no worse than a stint at Walmart.

JB said...

I *was* surprised at how human I sound. Excellent job editing...well worth the fire and brimstone!
; )

Baron Opal said...

Thanks JB, Alexis!

Listening to this interview, I had a realization about a comment I made in my interview. I mentioned that I had run Shadowrun for 2-3 years, and one day I was done. I had nothing else to talk about with that game, no more stories to tell. I had no energy left for it. Jb mentioned that he got burned out on games when he felt he was the only one "participating". The players weren't invested in the world to discover their place in it and generate their own conflict and adventure. That's exactly what was happening with my Shadowrun game. I was the sole motivator. Everyone was having a good time, but I was the only one generating any momentum for future games. After a while, I didn't have any left.

That's probably why I still have energy for my current D&D game. My players will come to me and say "yeah, Duke Bothersome is an issue, but we want to go after the Ivory King next. We might even be able to secure toll income once the Spicegate-Zathras road opens up once he's deposed." Not having to shoulder the whole of the creative motivation continues to make the game fresh for me, even though I generate the details of the setting.

Thanks again.