Sunday, April 1, 2018

Authentic RPG Podcast, with Tristan Johnson

The second episode in the first series. Tristan and I talk mostly about the perspective of new DMs on the role-playing experience. There are some sound troubles; turns out, I was able to improve them considerably over the original playback, but there are a few issues. The dialogue is easily understood, so no big deal.

I would ask the reader, Again, to please thank Tristan for taking part!  To hell with me in the podcast, I sound like a bloody idiot (I think).  Tristan definitely carries this one.  So give him some words of praise and visit his site at, to see videos on history every Thursday.

And share.  Share, share, share!  The first episode has 235 page views, 11 likes and no hates.  Though I could use some subscribers.

Please, help this second podcast do just a little bit better.

Too, please be generous if you can, and donate a dollar or two to the coffers for this podcast; I'd like to actually buy the mic I'm borrowing to make this.

I will have another podcast ready in one week's time, plus or minus the hours between ten o'clock Sunday and sometime Monday morning, Mountain Time.


JB said...

Another great interview. Halfway through I was starting to beat myself thinking, “this is the new gen of DMs I’ve failed” (by not providing more/better concrete advice). And then in the 2nd half I was totally blown away by Tristan’s own depth of’s a guy *I* can be learning from! Now I feel like I’ve totally failed my own players for not incorporating more of my own knowledge of history (orcs as Mongols: brilliant!).

Really good stuff, and good contrast between this one and Sterling’s interview. Looking forward to the next one!

Sterling said...

Tristan, thanks very much for sharing your experience! I had become worried in recent months that the newer participants in this game were experiencing something less than what I've had the pleasure of experiencing with the game over the past 37 years. I'm deeply gratified to hear in your interview that this is not the case for you; that you are seeing past the Youtube actors and WotC pablum to what DMing means from a similar perspective to mine and I think that of many experienced DMs. That you've gotten there in so short a time is amazing.

Alexis, you did not sound the slightest like an idiot and if you glowed less brightly than Tristan today, you still reflected his brilliance beautifully.

Ozymandias said...

While I'm enjoying these immensely, I can't help but wonder what sort of content or advice would satisfy someone like Tristan (or myself, for that matter). I especially like the, "let's start by diagnosing the problem," angle Alexis provided: maybe that's the means to answering my question.

Fuzzy Skinner said...

Another good discussion; it's helpful to hear from new players and DMs that are already realizing how bad or meaningless some of the advice is out there. I especially like how it was acknowledged that sometimes a detailed system isn't necessary, especially when a situation involves the behavior of individual humans (as in your rude customer example).

TristanPEJ said...

Thank you so much Alexis for this exchange. I also want to say how appreciative I am for all the nice comments on this post. I really like this show, and hope to see it keep progressing. I feel I grew a lot through the exchange and appreciate it.