Monday, September 4, 2017


Given that this recent Mythology link is really getting out of hand on my changing actual knowledge about the world to fit my D&D world, I feel I have to put a disclaimer on my wiki:

This wiki is a description of Alexis' Dungeons and Dragons' world, which is far reaching and complex. This fictional setting is based on the real earth, its geography, it's peoples and its cultures, including religious and philosophical components. The world freely interprets these things for the purpose of running a D&D campaign, and does not hesitate to change, throw out or add information as needed, in relation to every subject to be found in this wiki. Therefore, it is stressed that ALL of the material within can be relied upon to be probably FALSE in its descriptions or real things, particularly within the heading marked as "mythology." Alexis likes to take largely disparate ideas and press them together into new ideas, without concern for actual, human reality. After all, Wikipedia exists. There's no need to be accurate about anything here.

It's only that in some ways, particularly the recent work I've started on devils, I'm really pushing the boundaries of truth and legitimate religious studies scholarship in order to make multiple ideas and cultural connections fit into a single world-building narrative.  I'd hate to have someone stumble across this wiki and think that any specific sentence I might happen to write could be used for a university essay (mmph.  that would be funny).

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