Monday, June 26, 2017

More on Pete

I'm going to talk a little more about the cover change for Pete's Garage, that I published in 2013. I've never been happy with the cover; it has been a thorn in my side these last four years, for I haven't been able to figure out an alternative ~ and frankly, did not have the resources to get another good picture shot.

However, I chanced to discover that there is tons more excellent free-use content on the internet that even three or four years ago.  Amazing content, to be honest.  The image I showed for the potential re-skinning of the cover yesterday was free use.

And today, I want to do a Snoopy-dance, because I found the photographer and got his personal opinion to boot, and a "photo credit would be appreciated if possible."  Justin Higuchi is an L.A. music photographer, smoked port aficionado and obsessive free parker, born in Hawaii.  And he shot the picture below, which can be found on Wikipedia:

Recognize it?  The musician is Australia's Orianthi; she could be a character in the book.  The part of the shot that I mean to use is a small part of the right-hand side, flipped.

I am so pleased.  All I need now is a proper rewrite on the back of the book and I'm set to fix the cover.

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