Monday, April 25, 2016

Preview Tomorrow

The preview comes tomorrow.

I am spending today completing a last review of the material, transferring the corrections from the editor and doing my best to hammer down the last bits of continuity.  Content will be going out when the material is ready, in pdf format.

I encourage readers who have not yet contributed $25 to the Jumpstart Proposal to give some consideration to the idea.  I know that many who have not will be happy to buy the book once it has been published in its entirety - and that they can easily wait.  I truly appreciate that.  But if you can bring yourself to help an artist in need, regardless of the permanency of the material . . . just consider me as you would a musician playing on a street corner.  The pleasure is found in the moment; the gentle reader can only take the memory of contributing a little to his box, not the music itself.  Nor is it a moment of charity; it is appreciation, pure and simple, for a fellow who has chosen to dedicate his life to art and the making of beautiful things, valued in far too little coin in this world.

Don't think of my hat being in my hand.  Think of my hat being at my feet, as I play for you.

And if $25 is too much  (and I'm sure it probably is) - then give the musician here a buck or so a month, for the sake of my dancing for you.

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