Saturday, April 30, 2016

500 Million Years Old

Look what I found in Mauritania:

Called the Guelb er Richat, or the Richat Structure

It's an elliptical dome in the western Sahara Desert, also called the Eye of the Sahara.  What a fantastic name (occurs to me that it is straight out of H.P. Lovecraft).  It's about 40 km in diameter - and apparently, not an impact crater.  Geologists believe that it's a magmatic extrusion.

I was just goofing around, half-working on the Sahara desert south of Morocco when I should actually be working on my book.  Ah, well, artists need to rest once in awhile.


Maxwell Joslyn said...

Wow, can you say "wild magic hotzone"?

JB said...

The site of a megadungeon? The birthplace of dragons?

So many possibilities...

Adam said...

Maybe your world's biggest race track. A D&D Olympic sports arena. I'm sure a party could find something interesting in the criminal underground.