Friday, January 8, 2016

Tariff of Toll Rates

I just came across this interesting image:

Toll Bridge Rates on the Connecticut River between
Vermont and New Hampshire

The title of this post corresponds to the header on the sign.  Below that, it reads:

Each foot passenger = 2¢
Bicycles, each rider = 2¢
Horse and rider = 5¢
Horse, jack, muse, neat beast, sheep or swine, each = 2¢
Any vehicle drawn by one horse or beast = 10¢
Any vehicle drawn by two horses or beasts = 15¢
Any vehicle drawn by three horses or beasts = 20¢
Any vehicle drawn by four horses or beasts = 25¢
Any vehicle drawn by more than four horses or beasts; for each additional horse or beast = 5¢
Automobiles, passenger (seven passengers or less) = 15¢
Automobiles, passenger (more than seven passengers) = 25¢
Automobile trucks, less than 1 ton = 15¢
Automobile trucks, 1 ton or more = 25¢
Motorcycles, one passenger = 5¢
Motorcycles, with side car (two passengers) = 10¢
Motorcycles, with side car (more than two passengers) = 15¢

I love it when people put thought into things.

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Lance Duncan said...

I've been reading the wealth of nations by Adam Smith, and in it he discusses the expenses and methods of maintaining roads and canals. He concludes that it is best to have tolls an all thoroughfares and to have a local person who derives a benefit from their upkeep to be in charge of repairs.