Sunday, October 18, 2015


I'm learning new definitions for stupidity.

Each night at work, I take my break out the back door of my restaurant workplace.   The same area serves as a smoking place for patrons, so there is a prominent ash basin where I sit.

This next part applies to both human behavior and stupidity.   The distance between the ash basin and the alley back of the restaurant is about 40 yards.   During a 15 minute break, an average of three to four desperate people check that ashtray.  About one in 20 find something.   I presume these people check about 20 ashtrays behind restaurants to get a butt.

This gives me pause regarding the basic principles surrounding the sustaining of life by conserving  energy. Screw the ill-health caused by smoking. These people haven't grasped the matter of surviving long enough to get cancer.

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JB said...

Ugh. You just reminded me of my homeless, mentally unstable brother and his practice of (what he calls) "sniping."

The only other thing I want to say after reading this is: indeed.