Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Size of the Book Close to Finalized

I am sorry to confess that the DFD book is going to be a might shorter than I had hoped.  I've cut an essay from it that just wasn't working.  I wasn't happy.  This leaves a total of approximately 27-28K words, or around 122-128 pages.  A bit longer than the last essay book, but not the moon.  Sorry that it can't be more.

I just haven't got the sand to write another essay.  I'm pretty near burnt out on the subject of dungeons.


William Jones said...

Nothing to apologise about, not to us. I'm interested in quality, not quantity, and I daresay that the vast majority of your readers will agree.

There are plenty of books out there running in the thousands of pages with quite literally nothing meaningful inside.

I wouldn't criticise my favourite painters because they didn't use the largest canvass available, composers for not producing an album that fills an entire blu-ray with audio and no matter how much I wish that they could produce more whilst maintaining the quality I enjoy, I understand that if you try to stretch it out, the quality suffers.

I'll simply put the album on again, examine the painting again on another day and re-read your book!

Ktulu said...

I read your blog daily, regardless of the length. A good read doesn't have to be as long as the Wheel of Time. Looking forward to it as I have a plane trip about a week after your book drops. Should help break up the 12 hour monotony and get me inspired.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Thank you both. That's encouraging to hear.

Maxwell Joslyn said...

Well said, William.

Scott Driver said...

I'm buying. Is there a place where you get a bigger cut?

Alexis Smolensk said...

Lulu works.