Friday, February 13, 2015


At last, I was able to access this video from an old and dead phone . . . with help from a friend.  Sorry about the aspect ratio - get over it.

The apology right after the shark went by was because I had to hold my phone in front of fellow who started to push himself forward just as I was panning through the shot.  It was filmed in the Toronto Aquarium during my selling my book at the FanExpo in August 2014.  Not a long video, but I love how close the shark got:

Anyway, took me until tonight to finally get access to this thing.


Doug said...

I've always liked sand tiger sharks. They look mean and nasty, but are really the opposite.

Oddbit said...

So how many HD is a shark?
Are they fantasy grade aggressive?
I wonder if anybody has tried to modify them... I guess Dire shark is a thing.

Yah those aquarium tunnels are a great time. We have one in CA nearby I went to a lot more when I was younger.