Saturday, January 3, 2015


Market survey question.  I'll keep it simple.

Is there a demand for a audio book of How to Run, read by a professional voice actor?

Yes, no, details please.


Maxwell Joslyn said...

The advantage of text is that I can proceed at my own pace. With video, I cannot proceed at my own pace, and must turn on my audio lest I miss something; the presentational advantages are what make up for this.

Audiobooks combine the worst of both worlds. No demand here.

lars_alexander said...

I received my copy of How to Run last year December. Have only browsed through, yet. I'm going to read it myself, and I read fast, so I don't need an audio book version. I enjoyed How to play a Character, too.
Do I think it will sell, and make other listeners happy? Yes. Audio books and podcasts are enjoyable. To some How to Run may seem easier to digest, if they can sit back and listen, and if the price is okay it sounds like a good option.

msilver said...

Some people like them. If you can get a return on your recording costs, then sure. Not sure how long reading a 358 page non-fiction book out loud would take, but I'm guessing that could be pricey to produce unless your other day job is audio recording engineer. :D

If I wasn't already reading the e-book, I'd probably have bought a package deal, and then listened to the audiobook rather than talk-radio in my car.

Jomo Rising said...

I'd be interested, however I don't know how economical it would be to produce. Do you have access to good recording equipment? You do have the voice for it.

Ozymandias said...

I listen to audiobooks while traveling, which happens off-and-on for work, so I imagine it'd be useful for some people. If the option was there before, I probably would have gone with it.

Oddbit said...

I feel like I would use this book more for reference, and would enjoy flipping through it more than just listen to it.

If voice acting WERE used, each section would have to be chopped up pretty finely to have even a similar effect.

I still would probably no pursue ownership.

Matt said...

I think it would be interesting, but I am not sure what the audience would be. I think I'd rather hear you voice your own work than hear an actor though.

Zrog (ESR) said...


My answer would be "no" for the audiobook, although I would be interested in a podcast if you were to ever go that route.