Sunday, October 26, 2014

Handling the Mess

Readers have gotten so used to my not posting on weekends that hardly anyone bothers to show up.  I am sorry about that.  I tend to dig in on the weekends, working on projects or getting ready for my game Saturday nights.

Away back in Ought Eight, I published the following, that I called the 'evil, insane killer distance table.'  At that time it did not include Italy or India, it did not include half of Germany or the Netherlands.

And it did not include France.

Over the past few weeks, following the sea routes tables I finished up, I've been occasionally working at an overhaul of that diagram for the new year.  Here is what it looks like now:

Sorry about the lack of detail - it's 80 inches by 34,
- and still I had to use 5 pt type to fit in the names

A bit bigger, wouldn't you say?  In all honesty, it wasn't that bad this time around.

Of course, it does not include Africa, China, Southeast Asia or Japan.  It does not include Spain or Great Britain.  And it does not include the New World.

Still, I have faith.  These things take time.  I am ready to add Spain to my maps, whenever I want to start working it, and eventually that will mean adding it to the trade system also.  I really ought to be working on my sage tables and my spell lists, but . . . well, I've always tended to work on whatever struck my mood.

People may have noticed I've begun poking about the wiki lately.  I'm finding as I begin this time around that there seems to be some organizational issues - mostly in naming the pages.  Once a page is named, while the name can be changed, it leaves a bunch of undead corpse pages that can't be removed, so that as I go I'm wading through the remains of bad planning.  There are issues with wiki building that I'm still learning.

I hope I can really get the thing in motion over the next year - which will mean actually building up a lot of my proposed content directly onto the wiki (such as sage tables and character development).  I think the best thing to do will be to micromanage the pages - rather than having one page for first level illusionist spells, for instance, I may have a separate page for every spell.  Same with every other feature.  While this will mean lots of links, it will also help my organization.  For the moment, that seems to be the stumbling block.

Anyway, enjoy your Sunday.


A publisher file of the image above can be found at this location on the wiki.


Oddbit said...

Here's a question.

Can a player add to this table through actions in the game?

For instance, creating a line between Europe and the new world?

Sounds like it COULD be a lucrative project.

Alexis Smolensk said...