Thursday, June 19, 2014

Stonekettle Station Takes a Step Back

But for the sake of a few commenters, whose advice I followed, I could be where Jim Wright of Stonekettle Station is right now.

Wright has a style of writing that is much like my own, though we come from very different places. His blog has for some time reached the attention of the left and right presses, who steal from him all the time.  As he is of the American military (I believe he's serving in an advisory capacity at present) and can express himself in loud, rational-sounding rants, he makes great copy for stealing.  I guess this must be getting out of hand for him.

I know how he feels.  I find my stuff lifted and reposted all over the net, without so much as a link or a call-out to me.  Hell, the Google feature that allows something to be 'reshared' promotes this sort of activity.  I never see the readers for a 'reshared' document.  'Resharing' does nothing for me.  Does great stuff for Google, I guess.  Doesn't drive people back to my blog, since they don't have to come here.  I would rather people posted a link to this blog rather than resharing a post in its entirety, but hey, this is the internet.  It is designed to make people less important than 'crowd.'

Wright's problems are much bigger than mine.  Being military, he's going to be particularly sensitive to things the military sees as bad behaviour.  He's going to be sensitive to the whole internet.


Charles Akins said...

When you reshare on Google+ it posts a link directly back to the post you shared so it not only gives you proper credit but often additional traffic (assuming the person resharing your post has an audience that's interested in reading what you've written).

Alexis Smolensk said...

Yes Charles. Thank you. Wasn't my point.