Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Reviews for How to Play a Character & Other Essays

If you have a review to write on the book, How to Play a Character & Other Essays, please include it below.  Bad reviews will be published, so long as they are about the book and not the author.  Please do not include content that does not relate to the book's content.

I would prefer not to run reviews on my page, but Lulu has indicated that there is little they can do about the obvious stalker (they have told me all the abusive reviews are coming from the same IP address) except to have me turn off the review option.  I've done this.  I hope the reader can trust me to be honest about publishing appropriately negative reviews about the book.

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Ozymandias said...

"How to Play a Character & Other Essays" should be required reading for any player, in any group, everywhere.

Two years ago, I came across the Tao of D&D. I had quit the game for various reasons and I did not plan on ever playing again. My plans are changing. Alexis approaches this hobby from the view of an expert. He holds himself and his players to a standard that is rare among gamers. His position - that we can and should seek excellence in our hobby - has inspired me to reevaluate my interest and dedication. When I start my next game, I'll introduce players to his books and his blog in the hopes that they will be similarly inspired.