Monday, September 16, 2013

This may not be news to many people; I came across it yesterday. It's an online interactive website that offers language instruction, inspired by the individuals who invented the captcha program. It's very friendly, and appears to offer a wide variety of languages - I started on it yesterday to try my hand at German, that I've wanted to learn for some time now. It's also got built into it a number of reward systems that make the process interesting. I presume, since it only has 55,000 followers, that it's still fairly new. The gentle reader should check it out.


Kyle said...

I saw that pop up in my facebook newsfeed the other day that you started in on it.

I have it installed on my tablet, in the hopes that I start learning french at some point, like the wife is bugging me to do.

I look forward to hearing your (positive) experiences with it.

Alexis Smolensk said...

The last ten years has been starts and stops trying to learn German, from books, from tapes, from disks ... and for a brief period from an interactive site like duolingo. I've had the best luck with the latter type, though I haven't bought any of the expensive formats, hoping I would find something like this on-line. What's nice is you don't really have to install it; I sign in with Facebook, and as it turns out, I can use it over my lunch hour at work.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Oh, yes. That interactive site died not long after I started getting interested.

Hotel Theotokos said...

I have it on both my phone and tablet, and it's been a huge, helpful supplement in the German class I'm taking. The phone app is great because I can bring it up whenever I have a few minutes to kill, but the tablet version is superior to me, not in the least because when it asks me to to repeat a phrase out loud it provides a button reading "I can't speak out loud right now", which is nice for those of us with sleepy spouses.

JB said...

Hey! I am often humble!

[is a "bitch-boy" the same thing as a pegboy?]

Clovis Cithog said...

last post was truncated 8-(
Netflix, ted talks ,
Best of TEDx, season 1 , episode 4
tells the story of DuoLingo