Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Move To Start

I have asked four players to come and participate in an online campaign.  It was a rich and worthwhile evening last night in the way of communication, and my concerns about writing the nasty post yesterday were put to rest.

I was going to write about starting here, but I've decided to keep it on the campaign page.  So players and interested parties can please go here for information about how to get started.  A few notes, however.

My contention is that no person gets to choose their childhood or their beginnings, and therefore all background is rolled randomly.  I contend that getting past the misery of your childhood is what makes people what they are, and thus creates character - so don't make plans about what you're all about until you find out what's made you the person you are.  I recognize this goes against a lot of others who feel life should be a free-for-all in an RPG from the moment of birth, but I find most people tend to choose common, dull movie-plotted characterizations if given the chance (revenge and angst), and I feel the game is improved if the players are not left to their own devices in this way.  So please concentrate on the strategic method (class) you wish to employ in tackling the evils and difficulties of the world.

Be warned about choosing a female character.  One of my players in the online campaign started the campaign 6 months pregnant, and is just now due to give birth two weeks from the party's present activity.  This can be both a good and a bad thing, and certainly offers the opportunity for a unique roleplaying experience ... but know what you're risking going in.

This seems enough for now.  Interested viewers who have something to say, please post comments here.  Players in the campaign, do not feel you need to create your blogger ID for commenting on the Character Creation post on the other blog ... in fact, stick to your normal ID for now, and save the character ID for the actual game.  There is no comment moderation, so I will delete inappropriate comments from non-participants if they should forget to post them here.

Anything else I'll address as it comes up.


Joseph said...

What region of the world did everyone decide to start?

Alexis said...

Quite right, I failed to mention that.

The party will be starting in the town of Cuxhaven upon the North Sea, along the moors of northern Germany.

Joseph said...

I'm curious about whether the events of the previous online campaign will have "occurred" in the new game, or if this is a fresh start. Or was this question previously answered?

Alexis said...

I had not said, Joseph, but as a matter of fact, all the events from the previous campaign in Germany HAVE occurred. James C. will be playing the same cleric he did before, Andrej, and he still has ties to Hornung in Dachau/Calenburg.

He will have learned that the matter of rebuilding the gatehouse was given to another group of persons, who relieved the old party of that duty. Andrej will have then drifted around for a month or so, and I will be starting the new campaign on the 4th of August, which is a Monday.

Anonymous said...

Damn you Hornung, and your fickle favor!

In truth, I had no problem with that. Alexis set the quest aside so that new players had a clean slate and felt no particular obligation to carry it out.

Imon Fyre said...

Excellent, another opportunity to observe and potentially learn more about D&D, playing and DMing. I thoroughly enjoyed following along the last time with the company that was in Germany.

I would seek to join in, but I am distracted enough at work as it is, and the sound of rolling dice probably would not go over very well.