Thursday, September 1, 2011

Market Research First

I'm just running a small poll to see if results should indicate my seriously thinking about this.  Found on the side bar, if the gentle reader can spare the time.

Please view Tao's Campaign if you need information on what I've done before.


Carl said...


Daily would be a stretch for me, but it would depend on what kind of daily commitment we're talking about.

Are you considering a Play-By-Mail model where you have a limited number of moves per day, or are you looking at a time-boundary of say, 2pm to 5pm (just an arbitrary time span, no significance beyond that).


P.S. I voted.

Alexis said...

Same basic structure as before, on the other blog. Part of my purpose in asking questions is to get some kind of feedback along the lines of regularity of posting. My better game had committed players who played at set times everyday, or virtually everyday. My poor game consisted of people who did not know what they wanted or what they were doing, who waited for me to lead them around by the nose and do all the work. I'd like to find some way of selecting the first kind of player and eliminating the second kind.

Anonymous said...

I voted and am interested and would love to play with Carl. I can commit to above 67% of days and would submit myself to whatever reviews, questionaires, etc...

Arduin said...

I, too, would enjoy participation with these esteemed bloggers.

Available daily, just gimme a time-frame you have in mind for posting.

Determinism-wise; I've figured out what I want from my character (at least in terms of pre-existing goals) by the time my stats are done rolling.

At any rate, I'm very much looking forward to reading the party exploits, among their number or not.

SupernalClarity said...

Were it not for the time constraints and my nigh-total ignorance of original D&D rules, I would relish the opportunity to experience your world, Alexis.

Regardless, I hope you still go forward with this. It's always enjoyable to get a glimpse into your games.

P.S. Wow, a lot has happened since I last commented here. You are a busy man, Alexis.