Monday, December 6, 2010

Wiki, December 6, 2010

Here is what's been added or changed in the wiki this last week:

A table that outlines Combat Actions for use with my combat system.  In truth, the inspiration for these came straight out of a 3rd Edition book, I think the Dungeon Master's Guide for that edition, though I'm not sure.  Only goes to show that some things can be stolen from anywhere.  I haven't seen that original table in years, though, so I can't say how similar my version is to the original.  I know I had to fix up the times to suit my needs.

As an aside, I must laugh.  I defended that I played D&D to Zzarchov in the last week or so, and it says right on the blog post I've linked for my combat system that I don't play AD&D.  What a liar I am.

Cities lists for Saxony, Trier and Lesser States of the Holy Roman Empire.  I'll be honest, I don't know how useful these lists are to anyone but me.  I am enjoying putting them up because it's a digital back-up for me, should anything happen ... and at any rate they show the consistency in the overall data I'm offering.  The cities in these lists can be compared with the maps that I post, so that it can be seen how large this city is, or how small those are.  As well, the Lesser States table above certainly shows the considerable array of German states ... every one of them annoying to fix on the maps, I can testify.

I've also added maps for the Carpathians and for the Mouth of the Danube and western Ukraine.  I only added 2 more, since I added 5 last week.  To date, that's 22 maps.  I have another 43 left to post, all the same size.  Yes, that's not a typo.

I added information about clerical Tithes & Boons, which the gentle reader can familiarize themselves with from the link.  If you came across it last week, there were some errors and misplaced information in the text which has been fixed.  I have had very few incidents where players have taken advantage of this ... it's too expensive, overall.  But it is a means of collecting wealth for higher level players who have constructed churches.

And finally I have updates for the Monster Presence and the Monster Encounter Behavior tables.  I did not quite bring them as far along as I had hoped to this last weekend, but Christmas is beginning to take hold (and we had a 10 hour running on Saturday).  Still, both tables are greatly expanded.


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PatrickW said...

I like the city lists. I have no immediate use for them, but I can see a future use for populating a new area in a campaign. Thank you for posting them.