Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More Technologies, More Posts

It comes that time to post the next segment of Civilization IV technologies, columns 5 through 8 of the whole tech tree from the game.   And it would indicate that the next post is meant to be 'Alphabet' ... which I'll get started on forthwith.

As you can see, these subjects take us up pretty much to the end of the Roman Empire.  I'm still more or less on top of the subject matter, and I have my classical education to thank for that.  I don't expect to be really out of my depth until quite some time yet.

I know that many of my gentle readers have enjoyed these posts, and I thank them for the compliments.  I do usually have to do some research into each topic, usually to 'wake up' parts of my memory about things, to remind me how such and such started or what effects the technologies have had.  But of course there are matters I don't take into account - there are spins and ideas I don't touch on, frankly because I didn't think of them, and sometimes because I chose not to follow that particular perspective.  It is much appreciated that the gentle reader has, from time to time, made the effort to fill in the gaps.

I encourage you to do so more often, as the subject matter is going to get wider and more complex.  Some of the subjects listed below could start three or four posts, quite easily - and I may do that, if the mood strikes me.  After all, there's no rule that I made of one technology, one post.

We'll just see how it goes.

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