Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Campaign Suspended

As my regular visitors might know, I have been unemployed now for seven weeks. I have been feeling disconnected, disconsolate and generally down. This has affected my energy and has considerably increased my level of stress.

I have been thinking about what I need to concentrate on apart from finding work. I have recently had some encouragement on the possibility of returning to my previous position – the journal has been sold and is undergoing reorganization, with the possibility for further employment. At the same time, I’ve reviewed what commitments I’ve made and what commitments I need to fulfill ... and this has led me to think that my focus should be on completing the rewrite of my book, something I have been putting off for more than a year. I have the time. I have not had the motivation.

I’ve let my offline players know that I am suspending our game until late August or September. I am really only three to six weeks from having my novel ready to be sent to a publisher ... but that assumes I will dedicate myself wholly to that task. I want to do so.

As such, I’m saying that my online campaign must be suspended also, for the same period. It is not that this takes a lot of my time; but it does require that I think about the campaign upon waking and sitting at the computer, which is a distraction. A pleasant distraction, true, but unfortunately not a constructive one.

This will not come as good news to you fine gentlemen who have yourselves made the effort to play. Your expectation will be, no doubt, that this is it and that a promise of a few months will extend to six months until it is conveniently forgotten. This is not my nature. I have definite ideas in my head as to where a ghoul hunt, an exploration into the meaning of a glyph, a joining of the mages’ guild, or the thankful request of Hornung the Paladin might lead. I want to pursue those roads as much as you, I promise.

I know that you will wish me well. I don’t plan on going anywhere. From time to time I intend to continue to post here, as inspiration strikes me. Lately, it has not been striking much, mostly due to my state of mind as I’ve described. I’m going to write further on that for my other blog, for those who might be interested ... but as it does not directly relate to D&D, I will not continue on that subject here.

I am far too committed to this blog to ever want to stop. However, it is a good book, it has a legitimate chance of being published and I feel that is where my energy should go.


Joseph said...

Good luck, Alexis! I'll be waiting here when you make your return.

Carl said...

Give 'em hell, Alexis. I want to read your novel.

Alexis said...

Thank you Joseph.

Carl, you can read a teaser here.

Ryan said...

Understood and appreciated.

I will be undertaking a fairly intensive linguistics class in July, so this might not be a bad thing for me. I will look forward to playing Kazimir in the future.

Tim Brannan said...


Been there myself. Twice. The key is focus, which is easy to loose.

Hopefully things will turn around soon! In the meantime, keep up the good work here.

KenHR said...

Thanks for inviting us to take a tour of your world, Alexis. It's been a learning experience for me as a player and a DM. I very much look forward to returning.

Thanks for the link to your book excerpt, as well.

Kent said...

You write well. Best of luck.

Carl said...

I read your teaser. Finish that book, please.

Alexis said...

Thank you everyone.

I will finish the book and I will find a way to sell it.

Evernevermore said...

As someone who spent the better part of 7 months laid off I can understand why you are calling some things off to focus on the more important. Good luck with the hunt, though maybe it would be better to wish you luck on the book.

Oh and thanks for the interesting little blog posts - a little crunchier then I tend to need in my games but still an interesting read.

Eldrad Wolfsbane said...

Good luck I have been unemployed for 5 weeks myself.

Chgowiz said...

Thank you for being a good DM, an inspiration and a challenge to some of my preconceptions. :)

Good luck and we'll hopefully see you back soon.