Friday, June 5, 2009

3-Storey Half-Timbered House

In and around being told how to behave on my blog, I spent the day designing a three-story house for one of my offline players: Stone exterior, walls 1' thick, wood interior. As it turns out, I can use this also for my online players, who have made comments about renting a particular house.

I designed the plan based upon that book I read a few months ago, The Culture of Cities, by Lewis Mumford. He describes a very different 17th century house; one in which there are no windows along the side walls, as the house is built immediately adjacent to its neighbors with no space between. For there to be light in such a house, there needed to be an open space in the middle, enabling light from the ceiling to enter. In the floorplan below, you need to know that there are three large windows above the open space depicted on the second and third floors (I didn't have time today to design it).

I should also note that the thin dark-orange lines are railings.

I really hate this stuff. Like desking for a publication. Too niggling.

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