Friday, May 29, 2009

Campaign: A Reordering of Status

There is a moderate stream of people moving out of town - not a flood or anything like it, but you can see a thin line of carts, wagons, donkeys and porters moving away from you along the road north to Ingolstadt. Here and there outside the gates are groups who have gathered, their belongings stacked and waiting to be moved, some of them eating, some merely waiting.

Stragglers are entering the city also, with less goods in their possession, many of them so poor they have no shoes, nor proper breeches. Most are surprisingly clean, however, and one would suspect they had bathed in the river that morning.

When you arrive at the cotter's hamlet, you'll find it deserted. Doors open, what possessions there might have been gathered up and taken away.


Anonymous said...

Would I have any sort of idea where Friar Jan might be ... "based from" is a bad word, but I guess I'm wondering if I would have an idea where he works/sleeps, unless he's a "mobile cleric" kind of person?

The people who were moving out - did they look like foreigners, common folk? Did they seem afraid or just resigned as if fleeing a town that suffered an incursion from Hell?

Tiberius said...

(OOC: Can we ask any of the people streaming out of town if they know where Friar Jan might be?)

Alexis said...


It is extraordinarily unlikely that they would, being mostly city folk and Jan being a country friar.


They do look exactly as that, resigned and fleeing a town that has suffered an incursion from Hell.

The best likelihood for finding him would be through his own church; specifically, the out-of-town church, which would mean a chapel near the manor house of one of the lords surrounding Dachau.

In my world, a typical NPC cleric becomes the second minister of a small church at 3rd level, and a full pastor at 4th. Typically a country vicar is the henchmen of a Lord, who controls a manse such as described in a post last month.

Though Jan may be a friar, meaning he has no flock, any significant member of his church would know him and where to find him.

Anonymous said...

Is such a church within walking distance of say an hour? Or is the main church (currently under repair) of Dachau a better bet?

Does it seem like any merchants or more well-to do are leaving, or a cross section of Dachau society?

Alexis said...

(OOC: Forgive me, I popped out to see the movie Star Trek since my last answer)

From earlier, walking cross country NW of Dachau, you learned where the nearest manor is: about four miles, cross country, generally NNW of your position. It would take about two hours to reach it.

Anonymous said...

(NP, I am generally not able to play over the weekends.)

And dusk is about about 6? Hm. I'll wait till tomorrow morning to head out that way. If Tiberius is amendable, we'll head back to the Pig, but I'm going to take a long look at the line of people leaving and see if I can see if they are of the same class, or if the majority are foreigners or not.

Tiberius said...

(OOC: That's fine with me.)

Alexis said...

(OOC: No problem about weekends. My schedule is mucked up lately)

Dusk would be about seven. Most of those who are leaving are poor and foreigners. There's not much else I can tell you that's especially relevant, except that most are taking all they own.

Anonymous said...

OK, then I'll head back to the Pig to see if my companions have returned.

"Sorry, Tiberius, I just don't want to be outside the walls after dark - we don't know if those skulks are still around, and there might be a doppelganger or two who are angry at me/us for interfering with their plans. We can head out to the manse tomorrow and inquire to Friar Jan's location. I'll be leaving at sunrise. After that, we can see if Hornung's vouchsafe for us has been lodged at the merchant's hall.

Say, did you find out what ever happened to our friend Herr Mizer?"

Tiberius said...

"I've not had a chance to find out. I'll try sending a message once we meet with our friends."

(OOC: How much will it cost to send a message to the guild hall inquiring about Herr Mizer?)

Alexis said...

A copper piece

Tiberius said...

Tiberius will send such a message, once he arrives at the Pig, giving a copper piece to the messenger.

(OOC: 1 copper piece deducted.)

Alexis said...

Continued on newest post.