Thursday, March 19, 2009


It's been a rough week. I've been recovering from the bronchitis, and my partner as well (she is two days behind me in being sick), and while I'm only just starting to feel like a human being again (not quite) I find the recession has resulted in cutbacks to my freelance writing gigs. I've just lost $900 a month income in, like, three phone conversations.

Fucking yay.

So, the campaign. I know there are cliffhangers, and I'm perfectly aware of and how to deal with them. All I need to know for now, hoping to get started again with the campaign after this weekend, is whether or not Delfig will provide a vial of his blood for Triskoon.


Anonymous said...

Alexis - glad that you're recovering and hope your partner gets better. I'm sorry to hear about the cancellations - every day I wonder if this is the day I'll get the ax. This is not an easy economy to live in. I hope you find new work soon.

So, to your question...

Simple answer - yes.

Complex answer - Delfig would want to talk to his companions first and would tell Triskoon that. (that is what I was getting to in that thread, delay, delay, because the whole thing weirds him out.) He also really wants to know about this "coin" thing. If Triskoon agrees, he'd talk to the boys, then meet with Triskoon to provide the blood. He wouldn't doublecross Triskoon.

If Triskoon pushed him and wouldn't back down, Delfig would do it, seeing no way out of this request from an obviously mystical/unnatural being.

Alexis said...

Triskoon is going to press you to take the action at once, as he explains he has friends in town acting on a schedule. First thing in the morning is the best possible time to set up Johann Mizer...otherwise the window will be missed.

From your second statement, I presume you'll simply acquiesce. Triskoon is a little squeamish, and would prefer if you could do the bloodletting yourself.

Anonymous said...

Delfig would acquiese, reluctantly... before actually cutting himself, he asks..

"You seem to have avoided talking about the promise of payment. I would like to know what we will earn from this venture and when we'll be paid."

Carl said...

Yowch. That's $300/phone call.

I wish you and your family the best, Alexis.

Alexis said...


Triskoon will explain, "Oh, I had not meant to avoid payment. Will 100 gold be sufficient?" He will demonstrate a large belt pouch that jingles.

Anonymous said...

Delfig nods and takes the small vial from Triskoon. He makes a small incision in his arm and allows the blood to fill the bottle. Once full, he'll stopper the bottle and wait expectantly for the gold.

Once paid, he'll inquire about remaining in the warm hay until prior to sunup, so he can leave without being harassed.

KenHR said...

Ugh, cutbacks on top of illness. Sorry to hear about that, Alexis.