Thursday, February 7, 2019

Laid Off

I was told an hour ago.  Got into work and found the boss nervous as all get out, waiting for me, sob story at the ready.  He hasn't got the money, his online department isn't taking in as much as he hoped, he feels I'm a brilliant writer and he likes all my plans, but he can't afford me.

Nice of him to tell me after my being in my new place for exactly a week.  Before I took the place, my commitments were $700 a month.  Now they are three times that.

Catching my breath.  I have access to Employment Insurance, thankfully, I have money saved, I have all my limbs, the recession over the city is steadily lifting, I can always go back to kitchens and I'm glad to be rid of it, honestly.  Every kick in the teeth is an opportunity.

Wish I hadn't had to take a 90-minute one-way commute to be let go.  Glad it only takes 60 minutes to come back.

I plan to write some kind of post later.  Probably have some fairly bitter overtones.  Be warned.


Ozymandias said...

Sorry to hear that.

Looking at finances, seeing if I can increase my pledge.

I strongly encourage your other readers to consider supporting you. There's literally years of work on this site, all of it a veritable gold mine, all free for the studious and the dedicated.

And you're not stopping. You've only gotten better.

The least we can do is find a way to repay you. (in this case, literally.)

Tedankhamen said...

Their loss, Alexis. Glad you've got the blog to vent at. Look forward to hearing of you finding better work.

Jomo Rising said...

Best wishes, Alexis. For your post, might I suggest more 5th Edition?