Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Name Recognition

Wandering out on this January 2nd to do my taxes, I stopped to grab a coke on the way home and found this in the news vendor's fridge.  Though it isn't "Alexis," it's as close as I expect to get ... and it has made me rethink at least one thing that I've rewritten lately.

It's not logical, but this silly bit of bling did make me feel warmer.  I don't know what it is about seeing your own name on things, but it's real.

So is that it?  Is that a reason why you want to see your name on a list of contributors?  Because in a weird way it makes a mark, or proves you exist?  The bottle on the left only proves that "Alex" is a common enough name to make it worthwhile changing the template on branding for a day or two ... but as an Alex (sort of), it feels like someone cared enough to add that name to their list.

Okay, let's say you want your name acknowledged.  Clearly, I can relate to that, in this context at least.  Is there a reacharound we can both embrace?  Is there a way to put your name ahead of mine on a post, an object or on something I'm designing?

I think there is.  The most popular post on this blog begins with the name, "Blaine H."  He didn't write the post, but he made the point that GM's guide was wanted.  His was the spark that started that post and ultimately my book How to Run.  Arguably, he started my adventures to selling at game cons and even the RPG 201 course, as I've continued to try and answer his proposal.

As a reader, how would you want your name to appear here?  In what sense?  Do you want to put yourself in front of these other readers, like some did on the Authentic podcast?  If there was a Tao of D&D coffee cup, would it make it more valuable if your name was on it?  Because I can definitely make that happen.

Let me know.  This sort of collaboration doesn't make me feel exploitative.  I don't feel bound by it and I don't feel I'm cheapening myself or my brand reaching out this way.  If it's a way of meeting my reader on an equal basis, person to person, I want to embrace that.

Those things matter to me.


Jomo Rising said...

I found that my name on my book on my bookshelf was more important to me than the fight for commercial success. Additionally, when I agree with you, and I am right about what you are saying, then you are agreeing with me. So, I am seeing myself in you. As far as that goes, it feels good.

Ozymandias said...

You have a link to my blog. That's as much as I could ask for.

Though I do want to see more podcasts...

Alexis Smolensk said...

What are you saying, Ozymandias? For a $10 monthly donation I will link your blog to mine? Or perhaps review an article of your choice, positively. Or perhaps write a post on your blog. Or finally, collaborate on a post on your blog ~ edit it, counsel you on it.

A nice fantasy on my part, but I don't think realistic.

James said...

I've never sought name recognition. But I am not trying to trade on my online presence in any way, so that isn't very helpful to you.

If I do get mentioned, I much prefer it be for something I said or did on this blog or in your game. Whether it be positive or negative doesn't make a difference to me.

I even prefer negative commentary, because it forces me to rethink my opinions and actions.

Fuzzy Skinner said...

Replies to comments I make are always nice, but only when they're genuinely warranted. I admit to feeling a little dopamine rush when something I've said is even partially responsible for a post - even when it's something I've said that was kind of stupid.

That said, just the knowledge that the comments are actually being read is enough for me to feel that making them is worthwhile. Specific name recognition is nice, but it's by no means required for interaction.

As for collaboration... I quite enjoyed my experience on the podcast, and I've thought about launching one of my own. (Such would have to wait until I sort out the technical issues, but it's definitely something I'd like to do in the future.)

Ozymandias said...

I was saying, I appreciate the recognition. Not because I'm a patron but because you feel my work is worth sharing.

That said, you offered DMing classes before. Is it possible to do something similar for your patrons? Writing advice, editing work, or something you feel you're qualified to talk about?

(apologies for the double post. I think Blogger ate my first comment...)

Pandred said...

If I say I like the podcasts too, is that enough to summon them, like some kind of content genie?

The allure of this blog has always been the exceptional content. The extra interaction/recognition is gravy.