Tuesday, July 31, 2018

New MC Post

For those interested readers who have contributed $3 to my Patreon, I have made the second essay for the month of July, 2018, available on my Master Class blog.  Reinterpreting in Our Favour is a post about the tendency of players to emotionally and mentally alter facts about the setting, NPC motivations and character ability to create a prejudiced view of the game world.  This is often aided by the DM failing to exactly detail the setting, or effectively play NPCs as believable persons with believable agendas, or definitely state the limitations that a player must adhere to in the game structure.

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Resist the denial of reality.


Ozymandias said...

Once got into a three hour argument with a player over my use of a single word. Don't even remember what the word was but his interpretation was different from mine and that made all the difference in the world.

And this happened in person.

JD Moyer said...

Hi Alexis. Can't seem to log in to read the post. I'm already a $3 Patreon supporter -- can you please send (or possibly resend) me an invite?

Alexis Smolensk said...

Resent. Please let me know if that invite doesn't work.

JD Moyer said...

It worked, thanks!