Sunday, July 1, 2018

Authentic RPG Podcast, with Michael Borthwick

I won't pretend that I'm a wonderful podcaster.  It has been more than three weeks since posting my last podcast, but at last this one is ready.

Mike was a terrific guest, and given his situation a perfect end to the first series, as the listener will soon learn.  He deserves some praise for his insight and his expertise in video game design, so let him know if you can how much you enjoyed his contribution.

In the next few days I'll be talking about the next series ~ and yes, there will be one.  I've learned a lot with this first go-around, and although I'll never be driven to doing a show a week (I'm really just a writer), I feel that the content I'm creating here needs to exist.  It certainly doesn't exist anywhere else.

I don't see this as entertainment; I see this as documentation.


JB said...

Finally had the chance to listen to it last night...fantastic stuff. However, I didn't find links to Mr. Borthwick's stuff. Would like to check out some of his game designs!

Alexis Smolensk said...

I'll pass it along.

Mike Borthwick said...

Thanks for the interest. You can find Do Done Drink at

The RPG hasn't been on sale since 2000.