Sunday, August 20, 2017

I Am So Sad

I have now made two attempts to watch the new Netflix show, the Defenders.  The first time I lasted until the credits.  The second time, 22 minutes in.

Oh, gawd, I have super-powers and I am just so sad and so miserable, I can hardly bother to stagger down this hallway to my office and act so bored in front of these strangers, I am dying and I am so miserable and there is nothing I can do, I'm blind and you're in a wheelchair and life is just so bad, so awful, and these dreams, these dreams of dead people, oh, oh, it is so awful and terrible and pointless and angst, oh so much angst, angst pouring over everything, tons of angst, because we are the writers and we have the shit pile right here, the feces have been delivered, and we have shovels, so here it is, let's just start shoveling, shoveling and shoveling, and oh, aren't you excited now to watch these four mediocre series come together for the triumph of angst we're promising in the first twenty minutes ...

No. No thank you.


JB said...

The work I've been doing during the day has been putting me to sleep at night when I try to watch. I'm more interested in how the characters interact and how the show creators are trying to bring them together. But the development/pacing has been a little slow; I keep reminding myself the other series all took a couple episodes to find their feet.

Plus it's fun to see Jessica Jones again. And Luke. And...well, everyone.

The "plot?" The angst? That's all kind of secondary to the relationships. For me, anyway. But I'M all about "self-indulgence."
: )

Jomo Rising said...

Angst seems a great way to cheat all that interesting character development.