Sunday, August 20, 2017

For the Juvenis Boys

I thought the players in the Juvenis campaign might be interested in this entry.  It can be read in full on the wiki.  It might stir a few memories and explain some of the details the party never did fully interpret.


Tim said...

Wow, great art on this one!

Shelby Urbanek said...

"Fire beetles are dangerous to 1st level parties."

Yes, yes they are. Especially 1st level parties with only a thin grasp of tactics and resource utilization...

Drain said...

Ah, yes, the Fire Beetle.

I think I roughly deciphered all of its particulars (AC, dmg output, thac0, Hp) when fevereshly calculating how deep in the shit-hole the party was bound to be.

We really only had an edge on Hp total, being outclassed in all of the rest. Once we set foot in that barrow with our loadout of weapons and bravado things were pretty much bound to go south.

Glad I held off on killing the lone beetle during our return visit. Lessons well learned.