Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Watching the Election

I like statistics.

The Guardian has a nice site.


9:25 Mountain Time and this is turning out to be a real nail-biter.  I figure She has to take three of Michigan, Nevada, Iowa and Arizona . . . though just MI and AZ would be enough.  I would far rather this had been won at a walk, but not so much.

Damn, the pollsters all year have had it so wrong.  Polling is a dead art.


10:51 Mountain Time and I feel that I have to say something.  Pennsylvania is going to be called for Trump any moment and when that happens, this is over.

I have a lot of readers who are Americans . . . and I know that for some of them, this is going to be a very hard time.  As such, I am prepared to make a pledge: or, if some would prefer, to take an oath.

I won't talk about Trump.  I won't express my opinion on this blog or on any site connected with this blog or with Dungeons and Dragons.  I will just let it go.  Whatever comes of it, whatever the consequence, I won't discuss the matter, not obliquely or in any other capacity.  I so vow.


JB said...

As I watch the results, nearly out of beer and eying the tequila bottle, I only hope I can maintain my own silence. Or (at least) a civil tongue. I came back from Paraguay for this?


Maxwell Joslyn said...

I appreciate the words, Alexis.

Nine-toes said...

Why? Why won't you say a word against Trump? What do you really have to lose at this point? I've been quiet my whole life fearing reprisals if I said what I really think. No more. Let the chips fall where they may. I'll be honest, I'll be open. You have a brain and a gift for expression, Alexis. What state will the world enter if men of reason stay quiet?

Scarbrow said...

I awoke this morning in the new world. I will not comment about it here. I heartily endorse your vow, Alexis.

Now, enough about vows, let's talk about bows :) D&D goes on.

Discord said...

Dang it, Alexis. I was hoping for some of your insight at this tough time. I can't blame you though.

Matt said...

I appreciate your political insight. I am not sure what the vow not to speak about Trump is supposed to accomplish though. I think your readership values you for speaking your mind, whatever the subject.

If you insist though, I can certainly respect that.