Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hat in Hand

I apologize for this, all.  We've been struggling to get our house together and as such I have been able to refrain from turning to this as an option for a couple of months . . . but my partner Tamara has to see a dentist.  There's no two ways about it.  If some of you could help with a $5 donation, we'd really appreciate it.  It's clear that it isn't going to wait, she's in continuous pain right now and she's going to have to go see the dentist tomorrow.  We need to raise around $150.

Small donations, please.  I don't want to hurt anyone's pocketbook.  If some of you could share it out just a little bit, we could get through this hiccup.

Okay, stop.

Thank you, we have the money.  I've just gotten notice that I've sold a round of my classes, so it is almost for certain that the dentist is covered - assuming it is not a root canal, and all signs point to that not being the case.  This thing came up so fast and out of nowhere; we were just congratulating ourselves on managing everything and crash.  Tamara never got to sleep last night.  She's just left for the dentist with a friend and she's feeling better.  Thank you all so much!


Johnn Four said...

Hey Alexis, would you be interested in doing a Skype consult with me? You're GMing consult you were doing awhile ago? If so, hit me at http://roleplayingtips.com/contact/ with your PayPal and we'll work out timing later. Cheers, Johnn.

Matthew Richmond said...

Wow I'd love to see notes or an interview post that session, I hold both of you in high regard! Sending some PayPal your way Alexis