Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Fantasy RPG Art

Here's a thought: the Renaissance had to be financed.

Granted, none of us are doing the kind of work that the Renaissance was famous for - but then, we're not getting that kind of financing, either.  On the whole, we're doing what we can for each other, in the limitations of our ability.

Last February, a good fellow by the name of Matt created the artwork on the right.  It's bold, emotionally driven and I must admit I liked it immediately.  This was given to me free of any expectation, for the fellow who made it was inspired by the Keep's content.

Matt is taking a bold step, a step that artists all over the internet are taking. Like me, they're trying to build upon the fundamentals of the Renaissance, that period in history when the church and the middle ages were losing their oppressive, anti-educational grip on European culture.  Translated books were flooding out of Spain, inspiring thought based on Roman, Greek and Arabic models of thinking, blasting away the grunge and the mold of catholicism.  The way that the internet is doing right now to the stranglehold that television and the news media has had on culture this last ten decades (and I say this as an ex-journalist).

Matt's new Patreon page is launched today.  See it, look it over, give it your consideration: help him feel a lot better about putting himself out there before the end of the day.  I can say from experience that it is the best feeling in the world to get some feedback as early as possible.  It helps give each of us the courage to face tomorrow.

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