Monday, June 13, 2016

Amaranth's Immortality

I'm having great fun expanding the number of herbs and drugs that a character may want to carry in their pouch, just in case:

From the Wiki:

Sacred to the pagan goddess Artemis, the amaranth flower possesses a two-fold effect that aids in the immortality of those that are aged, sapped of energy and life or even recently dead.

When purchased, a paper box of amaranth will typically contain a single bud. This bud has already been carefully grown in a prepared soil and harvested at a precise time in its growth state, empowering it with minor magical effects. Thereafter, it is fairly easy for an amateur to crush the amaranth into a paste and mix it with a concoction of olive oil and wine (called 'oil of amaranth') in order to be effective (3 oz. of each mixed with amaranth paste). This oil can be made in about ten minutes but does require the requisite amount of oil and wine, as well as a mortar and pestle to crush the amaranth petals.

Note that the flower's magical properties are lost quickly after it is crushed (within an hour), so that preparation must always be done before the effect is desired; a dried amaranth flower, if the dried leaves are not crushed, can remain effective for up to a year.

Sustaining Long Life: Upon reaching the 21st year, it is said that a human or demi-human who successfully consumes a dose of amaranth on their birthday each year will live forever. The oil of amaranth must be made and consumed on the individual's birthday and does work: however, there is only a 1% cumulative chance per birthday that the flower will bestow eternal life. It is not known to the players what this life will consist of; and a single forgotten year will ruin all the effort that has gone before. However, it is said that this eternal life guarantees complete immunity from all disease, death by poison and the strength, dexterity and constitution of no worse than a middle-aged man (penalties for these stats for becoming old or venerable are ignored). The flower does not protect the user from a violent death.

Combating Weakness: For creatures that are suffering from weakness brought about by a drain of their strength or constitution, a dose of oil of amaranth can be prepared to help restore these stats to their former level. Though it may take hours for repleted strength to be restored through rest, the oil can restore from 2-5 points of constitution, strength or both (roll separately for each) in the space of five rounds. Note that amaranth will not improve a creature's strength or constitution, only restore points that have been lost from spells, poison, noxious odors or other monster attacks.

Ensuring Resurrection: In the case of someone that has recently died, the amaranth flower is not crushed, but is instead put whole into the mouth of the recently demised person prior to casting death's door, raise dead or resurrection. Then, when the spell is cast, the chance of failure from resurrection survival is cut in half. For example, if a creature with a 12 constitution has an 85% chance of resurrection survival, this chance would be improved to 92.5%.

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Samuel Kernan said...

I always enjoy seeing examples of how the details you add to your world serve are both useful to the party and adventure hooks.

Discord said...

This is a very cool idea I am going to have to adapt/steal for my next campaign.