Monday, March 7, 2016

Workshop at Indigo

News.  Urged on by Indigo, with whom I appear to have sold enough books, I have been requested to present a role-playing workshop, a week from Friday, on the 18th of March, at the Signal Hill Indigo Bookstore in west Calgary.  At 7 pm.

The discussion will revolve around my book, How to Run: an Advanced Guide to Mastering Role-playing Games; I'll be there to answer questions and pose ideas about running games, creating worlds, acting in one's best interest and seeking a long-term campaign.

I took steps to put my book on Indigo shelves about a year ago - with a promise that I was entitled to 60 days even if the books did not sell.  At present, I have books still on the shelves at two Indigo bookstores; there are three other box stores in the city I haven't approached, largely due to resources.  The important thing is that the books have done well enough that Indigo is happy to leave me on their shelves.  Me, a little 'vanity' publisher.

That word has gone away.  So much of the work in the free world is self-published now that it's no longer a stigma to publish your own books.  Indigo has treated me with nothing but respect.

I'm looking forward to the workshop.  I don't expect more than three or four participants, as I know that I've pretty much reached out to every resource I have to get people interested in the book.  I understand that there is a D&D play going on at the Pumphouse Theatre in Calgary; I might hunt up someone there and I will be making a couple of stops at gaming clubs to see if I can get someone interested in coming.  The Indigo consignment marketer, Stacey Kondla, promises that she has connections with the Sentry Box that I don't have.  She can be reached for details through Indigo and of course I can be reached for details here.

If you're in Calgary and you've always been afraid of approaching me, here's an opportunity to do so in a bright, public place with lots of witnesses.  I'm not likely to bite.


Ozymandias said...

Shame I'm halfway across the world for the next year. Any chance you can get someone to film or record the event for a podcast?

Alexis Smolensk said...

So I can embarrass myself in front of the whole world?

I'll look into it.