Friday, March 18, 2016


I got back some hours ago from my workshop at the bookstore.  Sadly, the only people who showed up were people I knew . . . there just isn't an easy way to communicate with players in the real world who want to learn more about the game.  It was clear last week from the type I met at the Sentry Box that the more easily found players are clearly the sort who have surrendered their souls and sense of growth to the immediacy of having everything made and done for them.

So, we talked for an hour and recorded a sort of podcast with seven persons, including my daughter and I - and that will get edited and published in good time.  In the hours since, I have been immersing myself in a short project that I've just finished.

The next step for the tutorial I addressed in the last post will require a map.  I was going to use a map from the old game Divine Right (shown on the right), but after starting to do so I found that the amount of black ink and the size of the print in some cases was going to be troublesome - I can't easily add comments to it or adjust it as needed.

Misspelled Bazimar.  Oh well.  Fix it later.

Well, that was a lot of fun.  It is hex for hex the same map, just the graphics are changed (and I adjusted the pass to being an open hex northwest of Marzarbol.  When I have a chance, I can start working on the wiki page addressing the third step in the trade system tutorial, "locating references."


Maxwell Joslyn said...

This map feels nice and sunny. Or maybe "sandy," depending on how much of that is desert.

Maliloki said...

Neat. Looking forward to more on this so I can get the process going for my own game. Thank you much!