Saturday, March 19, 2016


I have added the next page to the trade system, regarding the placement of references.

A few days ago I mentioned a large donation to my Jumpstarter and that has been such good news for us.  I am afraid, however, that it won't be enough to sustain the bare minimum of our survival until the end of May, which is the time I need to finish my book the Fifth Man.  The original sum that I described needing was $6,200 . . . that number has now shrunk tremendously, almost by 50%, to $3,622 remaining.

This will help keep us alive for two months, by which time we are praying that the economy will have improved enough (particularly with the coming of summer) that we will be able to keep ourselves together for 2016.

I do understand that many readers will be able to give very little accept their appreciation for the blog - and believe me, that has kept me going these past 8 years and made me feel that my message hasn't been lost in the great void of the internet.  But if you can't bring yourself to raise enough money to make a $10 donation in exchange for Ternketh Keep, the price of three or four coffees, please consider buying me a cup of coffee or a cappuccino once a month on Patreon.

Of course, I'm not going to spend it on coffee.  I'm going to pay for things like eggs, milk and bread, or to pay for a load of laundry in my building's basement, to buy scrub pads so I can clean dishes or fix my partner Tamara's teeth at the dentist the next time one of those comes loose.  For you, however, it will be a coffee, if that makes $2 or $4 easier to relate to.  It makes a huge difference to my lifestyle right now.

Meanwhile, I'll keep working on the book and putting some hours (comparably, it's relaxation time) towards the trade system, the blog, the podcast or whatever project that's within my time budget just now.

Thank you for your patience.


Daniel Osterman said...

Thanks again for doing this. I am really excited to read what happens next. Reading this along with your original post on your trade system, "Let's Try This..." has helped me understand better both your actual approach and the version of it you are presenting.

Maxwell Joslyn said...

I'll scan the wiki pages for typos.

Enjoying the clean writeup even though the material's not new to me -- but you could probably write quite the short story about your fingernails or a piece of lint, so who's surprised that it's a good read?