Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Socks & Faith

I'd like to ask the reader to forgive me if lately they have asked me a question and heard nothing back from me except a stony silence.  I assure you the silence is not the least stony.  It's been Christmas and I've been on vacation.  Combine that with the pressure I've been feeling to press on with the sage abilities - which is like flogging myself with socks full of dung - and you may get something of my present state of mind.  I find myself looking dully at ideas that I'm not presently working on like a ape in the forest seeing a bulldozer for the first time.

So, I'm a bit disconnected.  All I can suggest is that if you have a question that you feel strongly deserves to be answered, please ask me again - probably with some appropriately abusive sobriquet added in order to get my attention.

Wikispaces has added a feature that enables me to identify the number of unique visitors and the number of page views - so now I know that I'm seeing 60 some isp addresses and upwards of 400+ page views a day.  Some of you out there are dedicated followers!  That's around 7 average page views per person; a sign of real interest.

The site also lets me measure the number of edits I've been making.  This last few days it's been 30-35 a day, which - and you'll have to trust me on this - is a lot of damn work.  Yet the process is so achingly slow its easy to lose faith and give up.  But I hope to push on, keeping it together, making headway every day - even if this kills me.

(when you read my obituary next week, that will really make you stop and think)

So, yes, the emphasis on the blog will be on the various abilities I'm adding daily.  Sorry for any of you who wish I could get back to some other subject - unfortunately for you, this blog is enslaved to whatever thing my efforts are tied.  I can only hope that more of you will find things in the wiki that interest you.

Okay.  I'm going to get back to heroes and whatever comes next today.  Keep warm, keep happy and have a great New Year.  I'm planning a 12-hour running on Jan 1, the first of those I've tried in a few years.

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