Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sleepless but Grateful

I had a flood of people offering to help me edit the role-playing book over the past two days.  I would like to thank you all . . . I'm sorry if I haven't gotten to everyone individually yet.  For three days now I have been Jack's overactive pituitary gland.  I have been unable to sleep.

In the last three days I have had something like 6 hours, total.  This plays hell with one's brain, let me tell you.  I've twice taken sleeping pills, only to find that I am still unable to sleep.  I blame the gland named and I blame the other two responsible glands, the thyroid and the pineal.  They are simply not getting along, much like a party that can't decide what to do next.

I feel like I could probably sleep right now, except that I have to get through a shift, and to do that I will have to flood the system with over the counter drugs (coffee), which will probably make it difficult for me to sleep tonight.  Ah, the modern world.

So, yes, thank you for offering, and I will eventually answer you.  I think I have enough to compensate for my copyreader, who is bombing along at a great rate.

Mostly the issue just now is too much imagination.  I get going on a subject in my mind, this ramps up my interest, that I presume ramps up my adrenaline, which produces slight anxiety at not having slept yet, followed by more not sleeping and then we're into the insomniac's cycle.  I am used to getting this once in awhile.  It has overstayed its welcome this week.

The third draft is well under way as I reconstruct chapter two differently than the version I sent out in months ago.  I will start distributing pieces of it to the first people who offered come the weekend.  I suspect that many of you are just wanting to get a preview, and that is fine.  So long as you don't start sharing pieces with each other (you're not planning a facebook group, are you?)

Okay, I'm getting goofy.  Signing off for now.  I may write later today if I'm still awake.

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